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Creating The Right Fit

Through the integration of our claims platform and reporting programs, ClaimChoice is able to identify dental and vison spending, engage our cost savings strategy and positively impact decisions regarding employee dental and vision programs. Whether it’s matching your current plan design or building one from scratch, we address the specific needs and interests of different employer groups.

Our resources and tools empower employers to transform their dental and vision program into the marketplace’s highest quality products, uniquely customized to their business needs.

  • Dental & Vision Administration
  • Member Discount Dental & Vision Savings Program
  • 24/7 access to member information, member benefits, enrollment, billing, reporting and employee messaging center
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Not Your Average Network

We make finding the perfect dentist or vision provider simple by creating plans that incorporate multiple networks to best support the geographic cost and quality needs of employer groups whether they have locations in one state or 50.

ClaimChoice delivers unmatched access to a variety of networks, from major dental PPO’s to industry leading vision partners . Employers are no longer tied to one network, allowing for access to a wide range of providers and the freedom of choice for employees.

  • National Networks
  • High Volume Providers
  • Identified by Geographic location
  • Disruption Analysis Reports
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The Right Choice

With ClaimChoice on your team, your company will have the latest innovation in dental and vision benefits. By partnering with ClaimChoice, employers experience a level of flexibility and savings that is not possible with standard carrier plans; traditional plans are created as a one-size-fits all option with no room for customization or reimbursement. ClaimChoice transforms this process by offering employers a way to remain within their budget while still offering employees a wide range of benefit levels or simply matching their existing.

  • Reduce Costs. Companies can save up to 20% on dental and vision insurance costs while providing the same benefit levels to employees.
  • Power of Choice. Dental & Vision insurance plans have their own networks. Guaranteed Cost dental and vision with ClaimChoice lets your company offer employees the freedom to go to their preferred dentist and optometrist.
  • Power of Data. Guaranteed Cost plans allow you to access detailed claims data to optimize plan benefits.
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