If you are a broker or consultant looking to partner with a TPA that is committed to providing you the most innovative, cost-effective solution for your client – we are the right choice.  A partnership with ClaimChoice will help you retain your current clients and allow you to obtain new ones.  We pride ourselves in providing exemplary service to our brokers and their clients.  We have worked hard to develop an innovative approach to save your clients money, while retaining quality of care.
  • Highest Broker paid commissions, with incentives for mid plan year conversions
  • Detailed Reporting
  • Preparation for mid-year reviews
  • Pre-renewal meeting consultations
  • Face-to-face meetings
With ClaimChoice on your team, your company will have the latest innovation in health care benefits. By partnering with ClaimChoice, employers experience a level of flexibility and savings that is not possible with standard carrier plans; traditional plans are created as a one-size-fits all option with no room for customization or reimbursement. ClaimChoice transforms this process by offering employers a way to remain within their budget while matching employees existing benefits levels or custom designing new plans.
  • Reduced Costs. Companies can save up to 20% on insurance costs while maintaining the same level of benefits to employees.
  • Power of Choice. Carrier plans have their own networks. Guaranteed Cost insurance plans with ClaimChoice let your company offer employees the freedom to go to their preferred doctors.
  • Power of Data. ClaimChoice’s Guaranteed Cost plans allow you to access detailed claims data to optimize plan benefits long into the future.
Under our plans, members receive top dental and vision coverage and service, with the freedom to choose their own providers, but it doesn’t stop there! ClaimChoice offers more than just your employer sponsored plans. With more than 30 plan partners, members have unrivaled choice in selecting a discount dental & vision savings program to use throughout the year, after they’ve reached their employer sponsored annual plan maximums.
  • View Claims & EOBs
  • Find a Provider
  • 10-60% savings with access to the largest networks including: Cigna, Aetna, Carrington 500 Series, Delta Patient Direct and more…
  • Save on services like eye exams, glasses, contact lenses, frames and even LASIK.
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